The objects of the Authority are to:

(a)    monitor, oversee and coordinate all activities relating to, and ensure a fair, efficient and
effective administration and operation of the cane industry;

(b)    promote and support the sustainable development, efficiency and viability of the cane industry;

(c)    formulate and implement policies, strategies, plans, programmes and schemes in relation to the cane industry;

(d)    promote and facilitate the sustainable development of the cane cluster in Mauritius and in the region;

(e)    by means of research and investigation, ensure the technical progress and efficiency of the cane industry;

(f)    monitor and co-ordinate the activities of the cane industry, including planting, milling, processing, transport, bulk  handling and marketing;

(g)    co-ordinate the activities of organisations concerned with the cane industry in the private and public sectors;

(h)    overview the storage, sampling, bagging, packing, loading and unloading of sugar;

(i)     maintain a pool of machinery for agricultural purposes;

(j)     resolve disputes between planters, millers and middlemen;

(k)    overview the registration of cane contracts;

(l)     promote the development and use of co-products;

(m)   facilitate the participation of employees and planters in the cane industry;

(n)    ensure that necessary essential services are available to planters;

(o)    promote the setting up of cane nurseries and the supply of cane setts to planters;

(p)    facilitate the adoption of modern and efficient agricultural practices by planters.


The following additional objectives were conferred on the MCIA after amendments were brought to the SIE Act. The Sugar Industry Efficiency (Amendment) Act 2016 was proclaimed on 27 January 2017 and became operational on 1 January 2017.

(q)   foster the use of biomass, including sugar cane, cane trash, high fibre cane, fuel canes, gramineae and
other related biomass, in the production of electricity and biofuels for transport ; and

(r )   foster competitiveness of all segments of production in the cane industry.