This Department is responsible to provide support service throughout the Authority, ensuring that all resources and facilities are made available to facilitate all other departments to achieve their respective objectives. It assists the Chief Executive Officer in execution of policies and the overall administration and management of the MCIA. It comprises of: –

  • Finance Division – responsible, inter alia, for the proper administration of the general fund of the Authority, preparation of the annual budget estimates, statement of accounts and annual reports. It also has to provide accurate and timely financial information and statistics to internal and external bodies.
  • Human Resources Division – responsible, inter alia, for the development and implementation of HR policies and procedures, monitoring disciplinary cases, employees’ grievances and promotion of a safe work environment and general welfare of This department has also to undertake constant review of organisation structure in view of changing needs of the Authority.
  • Policy and Planning Division – responsible, inter alia, for the preparation and reviewing of the strategic plan of the Authority, carrying out regular assessment of the challenges and opportunities of the industry, both in the local and international scene and preparation of plans and policies with the objective of ensuring long term viability and sustainability of the sugar cane.
  • Administrative Division – responsible, inter alia, to provide secretary facilities to the Board and its sub committees, to establish and implement administrative procedures for the efficient functioning of the Authority, management of office space and general maintenance of building and premises and also for internal and external.
  • IT Division – responsible for the overall design, implementation and management of the IT infrastructure and Applications within the organization. The unit provides support services to all the other departments of the MCIA
  • Internal Audit Unit – is responsible to deliver quality audits and recommend process improvements. The mission of the Internal Audit Function at the MCIA is to provide vital assurance to the Audit and Risk Committee (and ultimately the Board) on the quality of the Authority’s internal control system, risk management and governance.