The Agricultural Mechanisation Unit (AMU) of the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority manages a fleet of agricultural machines and equipment consisting mainly of Crawler Tractors, Pneumatic Tractors, Excavators, Bell Loaders, Roller, as well as various equipment and accessories.

1Crawler TractorD6165 – 185 HP
2Crawler TractorD7220 HP
3Crawler TractorD8300 HP
4ExcavatorSOLAR 500 LC-V50 Tonnes
5ExcavatorPC – 35035 Tonnes
6Loader950 F170 HP
7Bell Loader1250 Cane Loader38 HP
8Roller3410P130 HP
9Wheel Tractor90 HP
10Wheel Tractor175-185 HP
11Wheel Tractor250 HP


Objectives and Functions

The AMU is headed by a Director who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the department. The department is responsible to :

  1. To maintain a pool of machinery for agricultural purposes
  2. To hire the agricultural machinery of the Authority to such persons and on such terms and conditions as the Board may determine.

Services to the Planting Community

Services to the Planting Community

The Unit undertakes land preparation works for various categories of planters. The types of service provided consist mainly of:

1. Land Clearing

2. Derocking

  • Coarse
  • Bulldozing
  • Rock breaking
  • Ripping
  • Raking
  • Fine
  • Chiselling
  • Rock aligning
  • Stone crushing

3. Levelling

4. Furrowing

5. Road tracing and road-making

6. Cane Loading

More than 85% of work performed by AMU machines is for sugarcane plantation.

Main Categories of Hirers

1. Small sugarcane planters

This category of planter consists mainly of small sugarcane planters and constitutes approximately 54% of the AMU’s workload. More than 85% have land of less than 1 ha while more than 65% have less than 0.5 ha. These planters benefit from highly subsidized tractor rates.

2. Sugar Estates

Some sugar estates also hire the machines of AMU for their sugarcane land preparation. They benefit from subsidized tractor hire rates but at a slightly higher hire rate.

3. Sugar Planters Regrouping Project (SPRP)

Since 2015, the Field Operations Regrouping and Irrigation Project (FORIP) has been replaced by the Sugar Planters Regrouping Project. With regards to land preparation works, the SPRP differs from the FORIP in as much as the number of effective hours of land preparation works is now limited to up to 15 hours per arpent. The total number of effective hours performed in Projects during period July 2017 to June 2018 amounts to 8664 hours only (representing 18.5% of the total effective hours performed),  which is substantially less than in previous years.

4. Small non-sugar planters

This category consists mainly of vegetable and food crop growers. They constitute approximately 8.5% of the total workload. The number of planters in this category has increased during the past year and is expected to increase furthermore this year.

5. Government and Parastatal Bodies

Government and Parastatal hire AMU machines for agricultural works and Government Funded project works. The tractor hire rates are not subsidized and are charged at full cost.

The table below shows the rates applicable to the different categories of hirers for different machines.

 Registered Sugar Cane PlantersOther Hirers
 Small sugarcane plantersSugar Estates and Large Sugarcane PlantersSmall non-sugar planters such as vegetables and foodcrop growersGovernment and Parastatal bodies for agricultural works


Machine Type



TRP (Rs)










TRP (Rs)
Wheel Tractor 175-185 HP5402408406005402402,225600
Wheel Tractor 240 – 250 HP6304809606001,4406002,450600
Fine Derocking (WT) 175-185HP8407201,3207,4008407202,8057,400
Fine Derocking (WT) 240-250HP9307201,3207,4001,7407,4003,2657,400
Bell Loader for cane loading (min 10 hrs/day)6002500      
Roller (min 10 hrs/day)4805,1001,3205,1004805,1002,0805,100
Exc 250 (min 10 hrs/day)1,95010,2001,95010,2001,95010,2003,30010,200
Exc 312 (min 10 hrs day)2,19020,0002,19020,0002,79020,0003,83520,000
Wheel Loader (min 10 hrs/day)6605,1006605,1001,4405,1001,7805,100

How to apply for AMU’s machines

A person wishing to hire machines should call at the Head Office of the Agricultural Mechanisation Unit on working days or on specific days at ETU Offices.

OfficeTel NoHours
AMU Head Office, Plaine Lauzun, Cassis2120725Monday to Friday
9.00 -15.45 hrs
FSC Union Park6778591Friday
9.00 – 14.00 hrs
FSC St Felix6226601Tuesday
9.00 – 14.00 hrs
FSC St Pierre4332482Wednesday
9.00 – 14.00 hrs
FSC L’Unité4165084Wednesday
9.00 – 14.00 hrs
FSC Bon Acceuil4185678Tuesday
9.00 – 14.00 hrs
FSC Solitude2615184Thursday
9.00 – 14.00 hrs

Documents to be produced at time of Application

The Hirer should provide to the registration clerk the following information.

  • Type of machine, equipment and accessories required
  • Locality
  • Extent of land
  • Purpose (i.e whether for sugarcane or non-sugar plantation)
  • Period required
  • ID Card

For small sugarcane planters to benefit from sugarcane tractor rates, the hirer will need to produce the current year SIFB Card pertaining to the plot of land to be prepared.

Contact Us

Mr. MungrooDirector
Mr. JeebodhunWorkshop Manager
Mr. RamkhalawonOperations Superintendent


Agricultural Mechanisation Unit Head Office Cnr Iframac/Royal Road Plaine Lauzun


Tel (+230) 212 0725
(+230) 212 3487
(+230) 212 9138
Mobile (+230) 5250 3917 Fax (+230) 212 9045